Series 43 - Pivoting roof window

The roof window opens by rotation of the pane around a central axis.

Woodwork in Artic pine, fungicide and insecticide treated.

Factory coated with a clear varnish and equipped with a ventilation grid located in the upper part of the casing as standard.

Streamline exterior in aluminium finish in RAL 8019, which completely protects the woodwork and the mechanisms

The handle is located at the lower part of the window. It locks at a single point and offers two ventilating positions.

The adjustable swivel stopper allows the pane to be turned up to 100° to facilitate cleaning of the outer pane. Locked into position by two latches located on each side of the swivel.

Double glazed windows with 24-mm thickness. Performance Ug= 1.2 W/m2K (European norm EN 673) Allows for installation on roof pitches from 15° to 90°.


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