The Ritchlight Ultra difference

Ritchlight Ultra is the latest development of Brett Martin’s popular and versatile glazing system – the ideal way to create architecturally stunning pitched skylights in a variety of shapes, sizes, frame colours and glazing options. In line with today’s increasing emphasis on sustainability, we have added a unique thermal break to Ritchlight’s already outstanding engineering. This splits the internal and external components to prevent thermal bridging, and results in a skylight system that’s ultra effective at keeping heat in as well as bringing in natural light. Improved insulation means minimal condensation too.

Each precision-engineered Ritchlight Ultra system is custom built. With a span up to 5 metres (or more with a subframe) and any run length, the possibilities are limitless. Ritchlight Ultra skylights are widely specified for schools, public buildings, retail developments and homes both new-build and refurbishment – ideal for flat roofs and ridge glazing, and perfect too for creating covered courtyards. Once installed, Ritchlight Ultra skylights combine their spectacular aesthetics with outstanding weather resistance, durability, reliability and the reassurance of a 20-year warranty.

The innovation that makes Ritchlight Ultra so special is the addition of the thermal break. This splits the aluminium structure into internal and external components with no thermal bridging in between. As a result, heat on the inside of the skylight can’t cross the divide and disappear into the outside world.

The result is a skylight with greatly enhanced thermal insulation properties. Condensation occurs when warm moist air meets a cold surface, and the thermal break helps keep the interior side of the skylight warm. So, as well as helping the roof to achieve optimum U-values, Ritchlight Ultra’s design means minimal condensation.

Brighter students

Natural light is proven to make students brighter as well as classrooms. Research clearly shows that daylight reduces stress, improves attention spans and promotes learning. The most illuminating evidence for including Ritchlight Ultra skylights in educational projects is a widely reported California Board for Energy Efficiency study. The results showed that, in classrooms with the most day lighting, learning progressed 20% faster in maths and 25% faster in reading. Ritchlight Ultra’s flexibility makes it child’s play to create a covered all-weather play area (as recommended for every primary school in The Department for Education’s Building Bulletin BB82) or turn a neglected courtyard into an extra classroom. The work can be completed with minimal disturbance by Brett Martin Daylight Systems’ fully trained and employed installers.

At Work

Again research proves what common sense suggests anyway – that natural light in the workplace increases productivity, reduces absenteeism and improves the speed and accuracy with which people perform everyday tasks. Many government regulations and guides have been written to take account of these findings. In fact the educational, retail and productivity benefits of installing Ritchlight Ultra skylights are all based upon the same profound and indisputable physiological facts: natural light stimulates and regulates the release of the mood-enhancing neurotransmitter, serotonin, by the body. Daylight from the sun also promotes Vitamin D production, which helps to build healthy teeth and bones by producing calcium.


Make your home stunning and your neighbours jealous by adding a superbly engineered, outstandingly versatile Ritchlight Ultra skylight. Bathroom, kitchen or lounge, you’ll create a spectacular new architectural feature, transforming your interior into a light, airy living space that’s cool and comfortable in summer, cosy and condensation-free in winter, and energy efficient all year round. The possibilities are endless.

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