Series 84- Pivoting-outward opening roof window


with 24 mm standard thickness, inner pane 4 mm,

Low-E coating treated, Argon gas injected forincreased thermal performance, outer pane 4mm

Unique U-Value of 1.2 W/m2K (European norm EN 673)

The pivoting – outward opening roof window offers a unique opening system.
Roof Pitch 15° to 65°

In order to respond to the most contemporary design requirements, the highest quality materials are used

  • Woodwork in Artic pine, fungicide, insecticide treated, and coated with a clear orwhite varnish

IClever, easy to open handle located at the lower part of the sash allows you to select the type of opening (outward, rotating, or cleaning position)

  • An automatic and invisible balancing device allows the sash to be held in all open positions for convenient use
  • The automatic cleaning position lock is an exclusive system offered on the Series 84 pivoting (outward opening roof window). This device offers comfortable, easy and safe use
  • A double roof joint ensures a leak-free seal


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